April Reporting for Payroll and April 15 Payday

Friday, April 3, 2020 - 11:49am

TO: Sonoma State University Student Employees and Administrators
FR: Payroll and Benefits
RE: April Reporting for Payroll and April 15 Payday

We thank you all for your patience as we work through this unprecedented event.  We understand that you have many questions regarding payroll reporting for the April pay period and are hoping this will help to clarify.  

This message informs you about :

  1. Temporary Paid Administrative Leave
  2. Student Pay in April
  3. Paycheck Delivery and Pick-up
  4. Signing Up for Direct Deposit.
  1. Temporary Paid Administrative Leave

    As you may already be aware, the Chancellor’s Office recently released a memo regarding Temporary Paid Administrative Leave Provisions during the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) (PDF). The memo detailed the provision of up to 128 hours of COVID-19 Temporary Paid Administrative Leave (CPAL) to be used for COVID-related absences by eligible employees beginning March 23, 2020, through December 31, 2020. That amount has now been increased to 256 hours.  For our student employees, this amount will be prorated, which means student employees are eligible for up to 128 hours.

    Student employees requesting paid leave under CPAL must submit a Request for Paid Administrative Leave Form to their appropriate administrator for review. Employees must self-certify on the form that the need for leave is valid. The document then will then be submitted to Payroll and Benefits for final approval.  We understand that the request form may be confusing.  If there are fields that need clarification please contact Payroll and Benefits and we are happy to assist.
  2. Student Pay in April

    Student employees will be paid for their scheduled hours through April 5.  If you are going to use CPAL time after that date, please do not submit time through a voucher or MyHR. Payroll and Benefits will issue up to 76 hours in April in addition to the time scheduled and/or worked with receipt of the CPAL request form. The remaining 52 hours would be payable in the May pay period on June 15. Please note, time scheduled and/or worked plus CPAL time cannot exceed the 20 hours per week limit. Payroll and Benefits will take this into consideration when issuing payment due under CPAL provisions.
  3. Paycheck Delivery and Pick-up (if you are not on direct deposit)

    You do not have to pick up your pay warrant in person.  Send an email to payroll@sonoma.edu with your name and the address on file in MyHR. Please check MyHR to ensure the mailing address on file is correct. We cannot send paychecks to any other address.

    The upcoming payday for student employees is Wednesday, April 15. Student employees with direct deposit are encouraged to retrieve their earnings statements by visiting Cal Employee Connect. This will help minimize person-to-person contact and contain the spread of COVID-19. Please visit the Payroll and Benefits website for more information.

    If you do not have direct deposit, please know that live pay warrants (i.e., paychecks) will be available for pick up at the Green Music Center Box Office from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15. This is ONLY for those who do NOT have direct deposit and who are expecting a check on April 15.  The GMC Box Office is located at the main entry to the GMC, across from the entrance to Prelude. Remember for the pick up:
    • A photo I.D. is required to pick up pay warrants.
    • Social distancing will be required.
    • You may not come to campus if you are experiencing any symptoms of illness.
  4. Sign Up for Direct Deposit

    Please know that we are deeply concerned that the spread of COVID-19 may get to such a level that we will not be able to continue to distribute pay warrants in person. For this reason, we strongly encourage employees to sign up for direct deposit as soon as possible. To sign up for direct deposit, please complete the direct deposit enrollment form on the State Controller’s Office website and submit to Payroll and Benefits by mail.

Questions concerning the April pay warrant distribution should be directed to Payroll and Benefits at payroll@sonoma.edu.